Who is Batman for Market Economy?

22 thoughts on “Who is Batman for Market Economy?”

  1. That’s a good comparison! I liked the way of your thinking and approach to the related problems and completely agree with the argument that competition is a powerful instrument to help economic policymakers to solve above mentioned problems. Good job!👍

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  2. I think so,also. Competitive market prevents monopoly.In my view, government shouldn’t intervene to its economy directly, but goverment must be guarentee for free trade pattern in economy to hold it “vivacious”. As a result, country will attract investors and its economy will flourish. Thanks for you analyze!

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  3. You found a wealthy material for this issue and I appreciate your work .Wish you will continue in this field and become a useful member for economy .

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  4. Hi Javid, thanks for this article .I mean,your reading increased my information about economy and economic problems .By the way i think your key point (competition ) seems reasonable. Great solution .

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